Album Review
Street Dogs
Label: Crosscheck Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Larry Lugz esq.
If you're hearing hints of Drop Kick Murphy's here, well front man Mike was the original vocals behind the Boston powerhouse super group. This time out Mikey delivers the goods in pure street rock anthem mode. Brutally honest rock songs that raise your blood pressure, inspire your souls and breaks the monotony of day to day life. It's fun and lighted hearted but still heavy enough to satisfy your palette for aggression. Very similar to what Roger Merit and the Disasters is churning out and maybe twice as relevant. You'll also love this for it's Sham 69 reworking of "Borstal Breakout" now aptly titled "Boston Breakout". This one is a winner in my book and is destined to become a staple in my CD player.

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