Album Review
Hope Conspiracy, The
Label: Deathwish Inc.
  • 2/5
Reviewed by STAFF

Hardcore to the max

Besides the fact that the singer's voice gives me a headache, I can't find too much fault with this disc. The music and the topics sung about are both pretty heavy. Hardcore to the max, not thrashy, though. Quite well-produced and executed by master choppers.

Again, I can't do this justice because I've all but stopped listening to stuff like this, and it was never my cup of arsenic anyway. This disc is so old now I don't even know if these guys still exist.

They give a nod to George Orwell's book, Animal Farm in the lyrics, but I wouldn't exactly call this a concept album. Still, the lyrics show wit and intelligence, if only they were more intelligible (someone please find the guy who invented the Cookie Monster vocal style and remove his larynx).

What's most remarkable is that the members of The Hope Conspiracy live many miles away from each other, so the effort and care put into this cannot be discounted.

Members are: Kevin Baker ヨ Vocalist, Jonas Feinberg ヨ bass, Jared Shavelson ヨ drums, and Neeraj Kane ヨ guitar, and Jim Carroll ヨ guitar.

Track List:

01. They Know Not

02. Deadtown Nothing

03. A Darkness In the Light

04. Animal Farm

05. Curse of the Oil Snakes

06. Hang Your Cross

07. Suicide Design

08. Leech Bloody Leech

09. So Many Pigs So Few Bullets

10. Sadistic Sacred Whore

11. Stolen Days

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