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Label: Go-Kart Records
  • 3/5
Reviewed by STAFF
The song, "Come All And Blow Your Brains Out" is all you need to know about how listening to this disc by RIFU made me feel.

These earnest, political punks from Trondheim, Norway trample topics such as war, the environment, etc, all with good lyrics and musicianship by the various members: Erland Lanke-bass,vocals, Stian Andreassen-guitar, Oyvind Sarheim-lead vocals,guitar, and Ola Petersen ヨ drums, backing vocals.

These guys have been around for a long time and must have a dedicated following. If political punk is your thing, RIFU is right up your anarchy-flag-flying alley...I, however, can only say that, listening to this somehow makes me feel old. I am old. I'm going to go listen to some Leonard Cohen or Lou Reed now to feel better about myself.

That said, "Let Them Eat Bombs" totally rocks!

Track List:

01. Intro

02. Sold Out World

03. The Plague We've Become

04. Born Addicted

05. Spitting At The Remains

06. Come All And Blow Your Brains Out

07. Laugh Ourselves To Death

08. Caught Up In Everyday

09. Let Them Eat Bombs

10. Our Relief

11. Towards The End

12. Massacre Of Man

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