East Bay Pop Punkers, The Bonstones, Unveil Catchy ‘Mohawk Dog’ Music Video The Bonstones
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

East Bay pop punk band, The Bonstones, release their second music video ‘Mohawk Dog’ from their debut album ‘East Bay Elegy,’ showcasing their infectious melodies and love for canine companions.

The Bonstones, a pop-punk powerhouse hailing from the vibrant East Bay music scene, have unleashed their latest musical endeavor in the form of a compelling music video for their song "Mohawk Dog." As seasoned veterans of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene, The Bonstones' brand of infectious pop punk draws inspiration from punk legends like the Ramones and The Mr. T Experience, as well as a host of other influences spanning different eras.

The band's debut album, "East Bay Elegy," has been turning heads since its release, and they've been fervently playing local gigs to support its success. Their first music video, "Saturday Nancy," resonated deeply with fans, featuring not only the band's exhilarating performance but also their fans and fellow punk rockers as the livestream audience. This connection with their community has helped propel The Bonstones to greater heights in the ever-evolving world of pop punk.

"Mohawk Dog" holds a special place in the band's heart as it pays homage to Marky's family dog, the band's official mascot, and Marky's identity as a certified dog trainer. Co-written with Robby, another talented dog trainer in the band, the song explores the dynamic relationship between dogs, their adopters, and trainers, capturing the ups and downs of this unique bond.

As the band continues to make waves, they are also actively engaging with their audience through exciting live performances. The Bonstones recently rocked the stage at Winter's Tavern in Pacifica, where they contributed to the noble cause of the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA by participating in the Unauthorized Dog Surfing Championship After Party.

The Bonstones' chemistry as a band is evident in their musical creation process, which they describe as a collective effort that resembles a tight-knit gang. Their self-produced debut album, "East Bay Elegy," dropped on May 5, 2023, igniting the punk community with its infectious melodies and high-octane performances. And as if one offering of punk goodness wasn't enough, the band is already cooking up a second LP, eagerly awaited by fans and critics alike.

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