Geoff Rickly of Thursday Joins Forces with Sharkswimmer for Intense New Single Collaboration Sharkswimmer
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Geoff Rickly of Thursday teams up with Brooklyn-based Sharkswimmer for a powerful single, “Demolition of a Childhood Home,” a precursor to their debut album “Serenity,” merging emotive post-hardcore with alt-rock elements.

In the realm of Brooklyn's vibrant music scene, a compelling partnership has formed between Geoff Rickly of Thursday fame and the alt-rock/post-hardcore outfit Sharkswimmer. This dynamic collaboration has birthed their unyielding new single, "Demolition of a Childhood Home," which serves as a prelude to their forthcoming debut album, "Serenity." The album, produced by Jon Markson known for his work with Drug Church and Koyo, promises a refreshing concoction of sound that transcends genres, uniting elements of alt-rock and post-hardcore.

The track itself is a riveting exploration of personal struggles and the enduring impact of childhood trauma. With angular, dissonant guitars that evoke a sense of unease and unrest, the vocals by Justin Buschardt and Geoff Rickly create an intense and cathartic release. The song's title draws from the poignant metaphor of Buschardt's childhood home being torn apart by a tornado – a parallel to the wreckage left behind by abuse. Geoff Rickly's contribution to the track adds an extra layer of emotional depth, elevating it into a standout piece that resonates with raw, unfiltered emotion and a surge of intensity.

Sharkswimmer, a Brooklyn-based quartet, have concocted a sound that embodies the essence of introspective, melodic post-hardcore-infused alt-rock. Their debut LP, "Serenity," slated for release on October 3rd via Really Rad Records, captures the aggressive melodicism reminiscent of 90s post-hardcore legends like Planes Mistaken For Stars. The record marries the hook-laden impact of contemporary alt-rock acts with a gritty emotional vulnerability akin to contemporaries like Fiddlehead. Producer/engineer Jon Markson, known for his work with Koyo, Drug Church, and Soul Blind, has brought this sonic concoction to life.

At its core, "Serenity" is a meticulously crafted alt-rock gem that pulses with bursts of aggression, rooted in the band's DIY origins. The earnest lyricism, inspired by the heart-rending ballads of 90s emo, serves as a poignant counterbalance to the album's sonic intensity, grounding it in human emotion. Lead vocalist and principal songwriter, Justin Buschardt, utilizes the album as an emotional outlet to navigate the trauma of divorce. This universal theme of heartbreak intertwines with anthemic, guitar-driven tracks that resonate with the ethos of 90s alt-rock, alongside contemporaries such as Drug Church and Militarie Gun.

Amidst the current rock landscape, teeming with imitators and charlatans, Sharkswimmer emerges as a shining beacon of authenticity. "Serenity," with its mix of pathos and catchy hooks, firmly establishes the band as deserving heirs to the alt-rock throne. As they prepare to unleash their debut LP, Sharkswimmer and Geoff Rickly's collaboration encapsulates the spirit of the Brooklyn music scene – daring, diverse, and destined to make waves. Experience the fervor of "Demolition of a Childhood Home" now and brace yourself for the sonic journey of "Serenity."

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