Album Review
Celebrity Autopsy
Label: I Hate Punk Rock Records
  • 5/5
Reviewed by Waxy Buildup
OK. I'll let you know that I don't really see the point of bands releasing EPs. If you're going to make a record, make a goddamn record! Case in point, Celebrity Autopsy's 6-song EP, Fast American Rock n' Roll. The song "Beer Gut" is worth the price of admission right here, great funny song! This is classic "who gives a fuck" punk rock. The only problem is that 6 songs is not enough. A 26-song? LP from these guys would really put the icing on the gravy.

Let's hear more and soon. These songs get stuck in your head, "Pull The Pin", "Love Blizzard", oh yeah, and the sing along melodies on top of the metal/punk fast? yes! music leaves me wanting to hear more from Celebrity Autopsy. So, get your guitars tuned up and give us more, NOW! I'll be waiting!!!

Waxy Buildup

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