Album Review
Between The Trees
Label: Bonded Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by amandabedhead
This quintet has a beautiful harmony together and the music they produce is obvious proof. Ryan Kirkland's voice compliments all of the instruments in a way like none other. No single member is outstanding alone. Each individually talented, they offer each other traits that gives their listeners the ultimate experience. Catchy and cool, but not suffocatingly so, they give off a definite rock sound to be heard. The vocals are beautifully heartbreaking; She Is...offers a variation of a light sound and transitions immediately but also effortlessly into a smooth rugged voice. With lyrics such as, "sticks and stones may break my bones, your words they surely kill," (track 4-words) the depth as well as intensity of the band is understood. The band is extremely malleable to tastes but one listen to A Little Love and the band will stick to you just like hard candy, with a sugary sweet and just a little jagged sound. Whatever it is you are seeking at the moment, look no further than Between the Trees; in their magical and absolutely breath-taking way, "The Story and the Song" will mold into your mood and enter your heart and stay with you like a close friend.

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