“For a God” Album Review
The Blue Poets
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Jen Dan

German-Australian alternative rock/blues band The Blue Poets, led by guitar master Marcus Deml, releases a sonically resonant and lyrically relevant single.

Renowned veteran musician, producer, and songwriter Marcus Deml is the master guitarist who founded the acclaimed band Errorhead and won American Guitar Player Magazine’s Guitar Hero award.  Deml, a native of Germany, has now unveiled his latest music project, the vibrant and captivating alternative rock/blues rock band The Blue Poets.

Deml (guitar) is joined by Gordon Grey (by way of Australia) on vocals, Phil Steen on bass, and fellow countryman Felix Dehmel on drums.  While Deml is the mastermind behind The Blue Poets, the band is a well-oiled machine with a heart – and mind – behind its alternative ‘90s grunge and moody blues restlessness.  A brooding to poignant reflection and insightful lyrics run through the tracks off The Blue Poets’ self-titled debut album, which came out in mid-September.

“With Your Eyes” and “Goodbye” have already resonated deeply with their accompanying videos and now the band’s latest single, “For a God”, has arrived.  It’s a slow-burning rocker with a trenchant message that alternates between calmer, contemplative passages and full-on blazing fervor.  Grey’s soulful, magnetic vocals and timely lyrics like, “…now you’re killing for a god / that only you know / On your way to paradise… / Why?” shine in the spotlight. 

Deml’s expert, searing to gritty guitar playing is highlighted in key extended segments, sounding like a second voice, full of questioning – and conviction.  This is powerful stuff, music with meaning that recalls the best of ‘70s classic rock and ’90 alternative rock. 

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