Halloween Comes A Little Early With The Tomb Tones The Tomb Tones
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

From Atlanta The Tomb Tones Take A Page Out Of The Cramps Playbook And Mix In A Little Buddy Holly too.

From Atlanta The Tomb Tones take a page out of The Cramps playbook and add their own Halloween spin to it. A mix of goofy goth themed lyrics set to surfy 60’s garage rock. Vintage guitar tones from a Fender guitar with a nice clean twang and just enough tremelo to recall The Ventures. By track three though “Wormhole” there is a genre jump to more of a punky goofy song more in line with They Might Be Giants but with more of a classic rock spin. On tracks like “Dead Meat” I definitely hear the B-52’s influence. The band calls themselves “a spooktacular vision for a cartoonish Buddy-Holly-meets-The-Twilight-Zone aesthetic” and I couldn’t agree more.

I think for anyone who was a fan of the Misfits and now has kids or just is looking for something dark but chilled out fun, this might be what you are looking for. The band started in 2019 and on this new album are refining exactly what they are. Although a little early for Halloween I think for certain kinds of people that dark and unusual music is ok anytime all year long. I know it is in my house.

The 50’s/60’s aesthetic of most of this record is actually really enjoyable even if the lyrics at times are quite ridiculous like on “Googly Eyes”. I love how the album takes a quick break for a faux commercial on “Miracle Bread”. This definitely sounds like something Dr. Demento would be spinning enthusiastically. This is written for 7th grade boys mostly, it’s like Weird Al meets The Great Luke Ski. But it’s apparent though these guys can play their instruments and write catchy tunes. Their audience may skew much younger than the current Rebel Noise audience but if any of the bands mentioned above peek your interest you will probably find something you really like about this album. It’s more like a complete Halloween Special from beginning to end than an album. The Buddy Holly cover is actually just a great They Might Be Giants tinged straight forward cover that shows although they goof around, these guys are great musicians.

Although they don't even have a teaser out for this new material, we thought you'd enjoy a snippet of their live show and the song "Zombie Horde". 


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