Album Review
Maximum RNR
  • 4/5
Reviewed by KeithRosson

Hot, fuzzed-out and brimming with snot, Maximum RnR bring to mind a sped-up Black Furies or early, swaggering Dwarves before they started messing around with ridiculous production douchebaggery. The songs are fast, short and catchy as shit; it's over pretty much before it starts, so much so that the six songs listed on the album are actually repeated multiple times as hidden tracks. Stuff's good, no doubt about it, and manages to toe the line between punk and thrash so well that I could imagine labels as diverse as Deranged and Recess being stoked to put this out. Only complaint is the band name ヨ that's like naming your bouzouki group the Razorcakes or your astronomy club the Punk Planets, know what I mean?

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