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Slideshow Baby
  • 1/5
Reviewed by KeithRosson
Dude, talk about some PR lackey just firing blind and sending their half-assed promo package to the wrong place. The one-sheet lists them as "Celtic pop-punk", and name-drops them alongside bands like Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly, which cracked me up. As far as this website goes, there's nothing remotely rebellious or noisy about this thing at all; this is straight-up cloying pop with teeth-grindingly sweet vocals, the occasional crunchy guitar sound that "all the kids love," and some of the most gaggingly atrocious lyrics I've heard in some time. Here's a little gem from their second song, layered over fiddle and acoustic guitar: "I see those tears you're crying but I just can't tell if they're real. And every night I guess these wounds won't take too long to heal. Remember when we first held hands and walked around? I felt like we were off the ground and we were never coming down." All in that terribly sweet "Hey, I was in choir in high school" voice. A curse upon you, Rebel Noise, for sending me this and making me listen to it often enough to be able to write a review.

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