Album Review
Real Deal, The
Label: Union 2112 Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by ChrisK
The Real Deal broke onto the Canadian music scene in 2003 sharing stages across North America with bands like Bigwig, Set Your Goals, and Belvedere to name a few. They've played ska festivals, they've played Warped Tour, and they've toured across the continent a number of times.

Hungover, But Dead Sober is the band's second full length release/offering. It is reminiscent of late 90's pop punk along the lines of Good Riddance, NOFX, and Pennywise. In this latest release, the Real Deal continues to define their unique brand of hilarious party punk and ska. The album features 15 intense songs that encompass a variety of issues ranging from senseless violence in "Bombs Away!" and "The Beating" to the stage of the music industry with "What Happened?!? Fuck!?!"

Hungover, But Dead Sober is exactly what a good punk album should be ヨ full of catchy melodies, teenage angst, thought provoking insight, loud guitars, violent drums, toned vocals/lyrics, and what many bands attempt to capture on a recording but can't ヨ ENERGY.

While this album is not ground breaking, it is fun and upbeat ヨ a must have for any true punk rockers record collection.

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