Album Review
A Coastline Ending
Label: Not Alone Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by amandabedhead

A Coastline Ending ~ Debut

The debut album from A Coastline Ending is a well played compilation of powerful rock sounds and emotional melodies. An oxymoron it may seem, but one listen to the strong vocals of Aaron Meadows will show you that opposites do attract and this reaction of heavy drums and graceful piano is a definite winner. No matter what end of the rock spectrum you may be from, anyone can and most definitely should allow themselves to be swept away in the "subconscious walls" (track 4) of a great "first impression" (track 3) from a substantial band. With great potential to create a memorable name of rock to their own, ACE is almost indescribable and incomparable to any other band of this time. A reference to Chiodos would be suitable in accordance to their coarse yet liquid nature. Although not without a boyish charm, "cute" would not be an appropriate word to sum them up. Ultimately, ACE will grow upon you and leave you at a loss for words.

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