Insane Habits: A Punk Manifesto for Growing Up and Failing Miserably Insane Habits
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Insane Habits’ latest EP, “How To Grow Up and Fail Miserably,” encapsulates the punk ethos with raw honesty, defiance, and a rallying cry against conformity.

In the chaos of the modern punk landscape, where trends flicker like neon lights and authenticity feels like a distant memory, there emerges a trio of Austrian punks who refuse to bow to convention. Brothers and best friends, Stefan and Mark, alongside their compatriot, deliver a raucous yet introspective EP titled "How To Grow Up and Fail Miserably," slated for release on February 29, 2024. This is an invitation, a manifesto, and a reckoning rolled into seven tracks of unadulterated punk spirit.

The story of Insane Habits reads like a manual for rebellion. With roots planted deep in the underground scenes of Vienna, their journey echoes the ethos of punk's golden era while embracing the complexities of the modern world. From middle school mischief to high school rebellion, their love affair with punk was more than just a phase; it was a way of life. Their hiatus from the stage only fueled their fire, and in 2019, they reunited with a vengeance.

Their latest EP is a testament to the human experience – a rollercoaster ride of emotions set against the backdrop of blistering guitars and pounding drums. Each track is a snapshot of a day in the life, from the grind of bureaucracy to the bliss of reckless abandon. "12 Hours" encapsulates the frustration of a system designed to grind us down, while "For No Reason" is a defiant anthem for those who choose to live on their own terms.

But amidst the chaos, Insane Habits offer a guiding light. "She's Out" is a rallying cry against toxic masculinity, a reminder that respect is non-negotiable. "Iron Ice-Tea" beckons us to raise a glass to the absurdity of existence, while "So Easy" tackles the taboo of mental health with raw honesty and empathy.

In a nutshell, Insane Habits refuse to play by the rules. Their sound may be rough around the edges, but their message is crystal clear: life is messy, but it's worth living. So, grab a drink, embrace the chaos, and join the rebellion. Because in a world hell-bent on conformity, being a little bit insane might be the sanest choice of all. Cheers to that.

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