Album Review
Clorox Girls, The
Label: BYO Records
  • 2/5
Reviewed by Waxy Buildup
I don't know about this record. There's just something missing that I can't quite figure out. Sure it's fun to pay homage to great bands like The Buzzcocks but where does that put originality?

The kind of music that makes you want to shout at the top of your lungs, dance and stomp until the floor creaks and has your neighbours pounding at your door, telling you to turn it down or they're calling the cops.

Unfortunately, the Clorox Girls just don't do that for me on J'amie Les Files. The songs are short and to the point. The song titles are witty. The playing is good, the songs are good and the energy is good and that just it. It's good but not brilliant.

If you like that power pop, punk style, aka, The Briefs, The Buzzcocks. This record may work for you but then again maybe not. My suggestion is to listen first, buy later?

Sorry Colorox Girls, maybe on your next recording you'll find a sound that you can call your own and I truly wish you all the best in finding it. Good Luck.

-Waxy Buildup

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