Album Review
Mad Caddies
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
  • 3/5
Reviewed by HeavenlyDevil

Just One More Time on the Dance Floor

Some bands put out albums where every song is just a slight variation of the last. But the Mad Caddies have managed to compile 15 tracks on their latest release, "Just One More" that share only one similarity ヨ they make you dance.

Borrowing from all their favourites, including dance hall ska, Dixie Land jazz, punk rock, and reggae, the Caddies have made the perfect album for a friendly gathering. Dance on the bar, lounge on the couch, or a take a cruise down hwy 1 with the windows down, and "Just One More" can elevate the mood.

Stylistic changes as dramatic as the Caddies means lead singer Chuck stays on his talented toes. The vocal virtuoso sounds sweet and romantic on the salsa flavoured title track, and bolsters the drinkin' mans beliefs just as convincingly on swanky songs like "Leavin" and "Last Breath."

Overall, the album is a pleasant mix of musical treats. Almost every style of fan will find at least one song to enjoy repeatedly, and most will flip through track after track foot tapping all the while.

As printed in Varla Magazine, Issue 8

Copyright Heavenlydevil 2003

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