Le Destroy
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Le Destroy’s new single “Autonomy” and upcoming album Trashumanism offer a fierce critique of technology’s divisive impact on society, blending haunting industrial sounds with a dystopian narrative.

Le Destroy is back with a bang. Her new single "Autonomy," alongside a striking video, premieres today right here, setting the stage for the release of her highly anticipated album, Trashumanism, due out May 31. This release isn't just about the music; it comes with a gripping graphic novel that deepens the album's dystopian narrative.

Produced in collaboration with Danny Lohner, a former Nine Inch Nails collaborator, and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Garbage, Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Trashumanism features powerhouse drummer Josh Freese. This pedigree hints at the sonic depth and industrial edge we can expect from the album.

Le Destroy, also known as Kristina Olson, explains that "Autonomy" challenges violations of human rights, focusing on the right to control one’s body and personal data. "From DNA to stem cells, to choices regarding fertility, autonomy addresses moral and ethical questions within the quickly and ever-evolving medical and tech communities," she says. The song is an anthem of resistance against oppression, set to a relentless industrial beat that mirrors the urgency of its message.

The album's concept unfolds in a visually arresting graphic novel. Set in Capital City, a new metropolis under the iron fist of mega-corporation GENACOR, the narrative follows a rebellion against this dystopian regime. GENACOR’s divisions, ECTOGEN and HELIX, are deep into genetic engineering and biopharmaceuticals, and their CEO’s ruthless grip on power is unchallenged until now.

The protagonists of this tale are a diverse group of women fighting the system. They include the Artist, the mastermind behind the resistance; Rebel, the fearless civil soldier; and Robot, a companion model in search of a genuine human experience. Their struggle embodies the themes of Trashumanism – a critique of how technology and media often exacerbate societal divisions rather than resolve them.

Musically, the 10 tracks on Trashumanism traverse a landscape of aggressively haunting industrial sounds, fervent punk anthems, and dance-inducing electronic rock. Olson's lyrics delve into consumerism, feminism, body autonomy, and the insidious takeover by technology, all wrapped in a futuristic, cinematic sheen.

Le Destroy sums it up best: "'Trashumanism' is about our regression and the negative impact of technology and media on our society. You'd think with all this technology and social awareness, we'd be able to find common ground, but it seems like we just can't find a way forward."

Prepare to immerse yourself in Le Destroy's provocative world with "Autonomy" and brace for the full impact of Trashumanism on May 31.

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