Willowake Unleashes High-Energy Indie-Punk Anthem “Dog” with Surreal Visuals Willowake
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Willowake’s latest track “Dog” combines high-energy indie-punk with introspective lyrics, capturing themes of anxiety and social pressure, and is accompanied by a surreal music video.

Los Angeles-based alternative indie-punk trio Willowake has once again proven their knack for crafting deeply personal and sonically compelling tracks with their latest release, "Dog." This track, a standout from their forthcoming debut EP via Wiretap Records, melds high-energy punk with introspective lyricism, embodying both melancholy and vitality in a manner that is distinctly their own.

"Dog" is a strikingly memorable indie-punk anthem, driven by infectious hooks and raw, emotive melodies. The song captures the essence of daily anxieties and social pressures, encapsulated in the poignant refrain, “It’s all a blur to see it through.” The lyrics resonate with an authenticity that speaks to the band's personal experiences and growth over the years. According to JR Polanco, the band's frontman and guitarist, “Dog” is their most intimate song to date, evolving from their high school days and undergoing numerous transformations before finding its final form in the studio with the guidance of Steve Ornest and Jakob Armstrong. Armstrong's co-production brings an additional layer of depth and sophistication to the track, reflecting the band's willingness to experiment and expand their sound.

The music video for "Dog," directed by Kinam Jara, is a visual feast of surreal and bizarre imagery. Scenes of the band floating fully-clothed in a swimming pool or interacting with crude mannequins of themselves create a dreamlike narrative that enhances the song’s themes of disorientation and societal stress. Jara’s vision perfectly complements the track’s dynamic energy and adds a compelling visual dimension that is both unsettling and captivating.

Willowake, comprised of JR Polanco, bassist Gavin Alvarado, and drummer Dax Corcoran, have a unique ability to breathe new life into the 90s alternative rock sound by blending it with modern indie-punk and new wave influences. Their music features driving basslines, punchy rhythm guitars, and powerful drum fills, creating a sound that is both fresh and nostalgically familiar.

With their debut EP set for release on June 21st, Willowake is poised to make a significant impact on the indie-punk scene. "Dog" serves as a potent introduction to their sound, showcasing their ability to intertwine personal narrative with a vigorous musical style. Fans of the genre should keep a close eye on this promising trio as they continue to carve out their place in the contemporary music landscape.

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