Album Review
Bouncing Souls, The
Label: Chunksaah Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Dodge M.
Back in '87 when The Bouncing Souls started grinding out their obnoxious brand of punk rock in the basements and back yard parties around their native New Jersey, who would've thought their music would endure so long? Fast forward over 15 years and endless touring, the Souls have now become the "must see" punk rock band. Their musical history is captured on their latest live album released through their own label, Chunksaah Records. From simple old school favorites such as "I Like Your Mom" and "East Coast! Fuck You!" to new school anthems such as "Sing Along Forever" and "Anchors Aweigh", this live album recorded in Philadelphia delivers all the fist pumping, sing along tunes that make the Souls America's punk rock heroes. If you've never been to a Souls show, this double album is the next best thing. And if you have, now you can relive the glorious experience.

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