Album Review
Sex Slaves
Label: Radical Records
  • 3/5
Reviewed by Dodge M.
Born and bred in New York City's Lower East Side, the Sex Slaves embody the kind of rock/punk band that revels in many a man's ruin - lots of booze, sex kittens who can drink them under the table and relentless touring. As this review is being written, the boys from Sex Slaves are likely downing a fifth of Jack Daniels or pulling up their black, stretch jeans after one of many sexual conquests on tour. The latest CD by the sleaze-rock, power trio from NYC is a crisp sounding piece of work featuring memorable down and dirty songs, "Thank God for Jack Daniels", "See You Naked", "Search + Destroy" and "We're Going Out Tonight". Released through Radical Records, "Bite Your Tongue" has a lean and mean sound produced by Ray Martin, whose past production credits include work from Iggy Pop and The Lunachicks. The Sex Slaves rock and roll circus includes a memorable stage show featuring the "Bite Your Tongue" girls as sleaze- rock, eye candy. With over 250 shows planned across the globe throughout 2006, be sure to experience the Sex Slaves circus when it rolls into your town.

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