Los Saints Unveil Stirring New Single ‘If Everything Goes’ Ahead of Debut Album Drop! Los Saints
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Los Saints’ latest single “If Everything Goes” offers a poignant exploration of self-doubt and introspection, setting the stage for their highly anticipated debut album ‘Certified,’ which promises to solidify their place in San Diego’s alt-rock scene.

San Diego's musical landscape has always been a breeding ground for vibrant creativity, and at the forefront of the city's alt-rock scene stand Los Saints. With their latest offering, "If Everything Goes," the quartet continues to carve out their niche in the realm of indie, alternative, and rock fusion. This track serves as the third single off their much-anticipated debut album, 'Certified,' set to drop on July 26 via ENCI Records.

In "If Everything Goes," Los Saints delve into the complexities of self-doubt and introspection, weaving together introspective lyrics with a sonic landscape that oscillates between ethereal and gritty. Guitarist/vocalist Angel Mariscal's introspective musings guide the listener through a journey of emotional turmoil and self-reflection, all set against a backdrop of fuzzy guitars and dusty rhythmic grooves.

The accompanying music video, directed, shot, and edited by Spencer Sease, amplifies the song's thematic depth, offering a visual narrative that complements its sonic essence.

Los Saints' musical evolution traces back to their 2022 EP, 'Welcome To Confusion,' which garnered praise from a plethora of publications including Alternative Press, Under The Radar, and The Honey Pop. With 'Certified,' the band further refines their distinctive sound, blending influences ranging from indie luminaries like Cage The Elephant to classic rap icons like Mac Miller.

Co-founded by cousins Angel Mariscal and Emiliano Garcia, Los Saints infuse their music with personal experiences and cultural influences, creating a sound that resonates with audiences from diverse backgrounds. The addition of new members Greg Ortega on bass and Jorge Vazquez on lead guitar expands the band's sonic palette, adding new dimensions to their already dynamic sound.

'Certified' is not just an album; it's a testament to Los Saints' artistic growth and their unwavering commitment to authenticity. From the infectious hooks of "Faded" to the introspective musings of "If Everything Goes," each track on the album offers a glimpse into the band's collective psyche, inviting listeners to join them on a journey of self-discovery and emotional catharsis.

As Los Saints continue to carve out their place in the indie music landscape, 'Certified' stands as a testament to their artistic vision and unwavering passion. With its release on the horizon, the album promises to solidify Los Saints' status as one of San Diego's most exciting musical exports.

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