Asbury Park NJ’s Indie Rock Band  TIde Bends Re-emerge With “Glass Jaw” Single Ahead of New EP Tide Bends
Label: Mint 400 Records
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

The Tide Bends, born from a chance meeting in 2015, blend Brit rock, alternative, and shoegaze. With milestones, they embody authenticity, drawing from influences like Noel Gallagher to Father John Misty as they redefine sonic exploration with “Glass Jaw” from their upcoming EP, “Say Yeah.”

In the serendipitous nexus of 2015, fate orchestrated a meeting between Dan Nolan and Dave Hough, two souls united by their dual passions for music and surfing. Little did they know, this chance encounter would ignite the spark that birthed The Tide Bends, a musical odyssey set to leave an indelible mark on the indie landscape.

As time unfolded, the sonic tapestry of The Tide Bends organically unfurled, weaving strands of Brit rock, alternative, and shoegaze into their melodic fabric. By 2022, the ensemble welcomed Rudy Meier into their ranks, enriching their soundscapes with his distinctive guitar prowess and vocal finesse. The subsequent year saw the final piece of the puzzle fall into place with the addition of MJ Hancock, whose bass wizardry and vocal stylings added depth and resonance to their sonic palette.

Since their inception, The Tide Bends have been on a relentless trajectory, punctuating their journey with milestones such as the 2016 EP "Greened" and standout singles like "Keeper" (2019) and "Medicine Man" (2022). Their momentum only intensified in 2022, as they unleashed a string of singles that further solidified their presence in the indie realm.

When asked about the essential qualities of a good songwriter, singer Dave Hough says "Robert Levon-Been's sentiment of feeling blessed when inspiration strikes. It's about recognizing those moments when creativity strikes like lightning and honoring them with dedication. Ultimately, the goal is to create work that resonates, whether it's on a deeply personal level or with a broader audience."

In terms of crafting attention-grabbing music in today's landscape, the band said they believe the foundation remains timeless. While catchy lyrics and memorable melodies are important, true resonance comes from authenticity and relevance.  Their influences, ranging from Noel Gallagher to Father John Misty, continue to shape their songwriting journey, inspiring both honesty and imagination in their craft.

Now, as anticipation swells for the release of "Say Yeah" in Spring 2024, a palpable buzz courses through their devoted following. It's the calm before the storm, a harbinger of the seismic impact poised to shake the very foundations of the music world. With unwavering determination and an ever-expanding legion of fans at their backs, The Tide Bends stand ready to ascend to new heights and carve out their place in musical history. Brace yourselves for the electrifying journey ahead, for The Tide Bends are primed to redefine the very essence of sonic exploration. Today the band releases the first single from the 'Say Yeah' EP "Glass Jaw" available on all streaming services!

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