Misconduct, Punk Rock Featuring Chris #2 Of Anti-Flag Misconduct
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Side project of Anti-Flag, Misconduct, featuring Chris #2 is back with their new anthem “Punk Rock Holiday”

Misconduct's New Single "Punk Rock Holiday" featuring Chris #2 of Anti-Flag will be Out This Friday, November 18th. The pop-punk hardcore band from Kristinehamn, Sweden has toured all over Scandinavia, Europe, and North America with bands including Rise Against and Anti-Flag - also sharing the stage with the likes of Slipknot and Iron Maiden.

"Punk Rock Holiday" is a raucous mix of Green Day and Rancid. There is a uniquely melodic feel to the fuzzy distorted guitar lines - can't help but think of Blink 182 and their uncanny ability to take 3 chords and turn them into catchy earworms. The track has an anti-authoritative weight to it with Fredrik Olsson declaring "We had to find a way to take it back someday." The "Punk Rock Holiday" trailer highlights the contrast between the stripped-down duo's live interpretation of the song and the louder more upbeat version.

Misconduct's loyal fan base is quite impressive and for good reason. The band's constant touring and stream of regular catchy pop-punk releases paid off. The fact that there is an authentic message penetrating the music lends itself well to long-term listeners. I'm looking forward to watching the full video - and I'm sure their fans will not be disappointed.

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