Montreal’s Out Of Order Are Back With Their Biting Brand Of Punk Rock Out Of Order
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Montreal’s Out Of Order are back with their mix of hardcore, punk and ska on the newest single “Valley Of The Wolves”, taking a page from the Bouncing Souls, Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Rancid

Montreal's Out of Order announces the release of their newest single "Valley of the Wolves" off of their newest album Under the Knife due out this Winter. Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, the band has many releases under their belt and has toured extensively over the past two decades. They embody the spirit of DIY culture and it shines through in their new single.

"Valley of the Wolves" has a hardcore rock punkish feel with a hint of mid 2000's ska - minus the horn section. Gianni Pontillo's fearlessly loud and gravelly vocals remind me of Dicky Barrett of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. The driving heavy double-tracked guitars in conjunction with drum fills that flood the gaps between song transitions make for an energetic tune that brings The Bouncing Souls to mind. "Welcome to the valley of the wolves, no one will save you anymore;" Pontillo is almost inviting the listener to join in the chorus's gang vocals chanted over bouncy bass lines. It's very easy to hear the 90's influence of Bosstones, Souls and Rancid on this band. 

The new single is a no-frills no-nonsense number that only comes from the experience of creating music for over two decades. Confidence radiates from the tight knit band's bombastic newest effort.  Looking forward to hearing more.

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