Colorado Punks Plasma Canvas Release Killer Singles Ahead of New LP ‘Dusk’ Label: SideOneDummy Records
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Colorado Punks, Plasma Canvas, offer up solid singles “Need” and “Blistered World” in advance of their new SideOneDummer LP ‘Dusk’

Coloradan punks Plasma Canvas is set to release their new single “Need” on November 18th, 2022. This single is off of their upcoming first full-length album, Dusk, due out February 17th, 2022. The first single to be released off of the new record was "Blistered World" - and "Need" is an appropriate follow-up with its almost 6 minutes of driving post-punk riffs and infectious chorus.

For as long as this track is, it is far from boring. The different instruments weaving in and out of the almost pop soundscape keep it interesting. Singer/guitarist Adrienne Rae Ash is the heroine of this track; you can feel the intensity of emotions drip from her lyrics and evaporate into the ethos of the song. Ash describes the track as “an ode to dead dreams - a snapshot of a time when all seemed lost and loneliness took its toll. It's an exasperated cry out into the darkness for some kind of connection, or some kind of miracle.” She continues, “moments like the one that inspired 'Need' make us grateful to be alive and share this piece of ourselves with you.”

The human condition is complete with existential loneliness - and connection is sometimes hard won. It's comforting be seen, heard, or understood, especially in the darkest of times. "Need" is an almost angry love letter to whoever is pulling the strings out there in the universe - asking them to maybe not pull so hard. The album is available for digital pre-order as well as on double 12” vinyl in a limited edition red and black colorway.

"Need" Drops on Friday Nov. 18th but in the meantime enjoy the previous single "Blistered World": 


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