NJ Indie Rock Band Those Looks share video for “Tonight”: Exclusive Video Premiere Reviewed by Sam Lowry

The Lambertville-based indie pop band invites you to their house tonight, BYO Roof!

2023 was quite a hustle for Those Looks, who promoted their first full-length album Cults Near Me (Mint400 Records), recorded their recent single “Laundry and Taxes” with legendary producer Brian McTear, and undertook an unconventional venture for a rock band – demolishing and constructing two new homes as a collective effort. The band, Kelly Bolding (lead vocals and guitar), Sylvia Barrantes (lead guitar and vocals), Randall Newman (bass and vocals), and Shaun Ellis (drums), are now poised to unveil a video for their song “Tonight.” The video depicts the band tearing down their houses, offering a comedic contrast to the inviting nature of the song.

With “Tonight” quickly gaining ground on “Hymnal,” the initial single from Cults Near Me, in terms of all-time streams, it's evident that the song resonates deeply with listeners. The track explores themes of genuine connections, deep friendships, and the solace of home. Bolding's lyrics, inviting the listener to join her at home and escape the harshness of the world, draw inspiration from the band's past potluck gatherings with close friends. The video also showcases the band's makeshift rehearsal space – a construction trailer that doubled as a temporary home, complete with an electric hearth. Fortunately, the band's new homes were completed just in time for 2024, allowing Those Looks to share the tumultuous journey of this past year, filled with obstacles and literal dumpster fires.

“We got into quite a bit of trouble the day we shot this video,” says Ellis. “While tearing down these houses, we attempted to burn any unpainted old lumber to minimize waste and costs. However, the weather unexpectedly shifted from a sunny day to a windy blizzard. We promptly extinguished the fire and piled ice on top. Unfortunately, an ember must have caught wind because later that evening, we received a call that the last remaining wall of the house was on fire. We arrived to find fire trucks, police vehicles, and even the mayor. They questioned whether we intentionally tried to burn the place down. It wasn't the most ideal introduction to our newly elected mayor!”

You can catch Those Looks live at Milkboy Philly on Saturday, January 13, 2024 alongside The Side Chicks, We’re From Antarctica, and Glitterspitter.  

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