NO MOTIV Resurfaces with “Pieces” – Their First New Song in 13 Years NO MOTIV
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

No Motiv has returned with “Pieces,” their first new song in 13 years, showcasing their enduring passion and energy despite the challenges of distance.

Oxnard's own post-hardcore/punk/emo veterans, No Motiv, are back with a bang. After a 13-year hiatus, the quartet has returned with "Pieces," a track that echoes their past while firmly planting them in the present. Released under the Southern California indie label Wiretap Records, "Pieces" marks their first new material since the 2011 single "Once Again Sundays."

Reuniting a band with members scattered across the West Coast is no small feat. The logistical nightmare of coordinating schedules has been a significant obstacle, and the pandemic's lingering effects have only added to the challenge. Despite these hurdles, No Motiv found a way to reconnect and create, driven by the collective energy that has always defined their sound.

With Jeremy Palaszewski and Steve leading the charge, the band devised a creative solution to their geographic predicament. The music video for "Pieces" was filmed in segments, with each member contributing from different locations. Jeremy and Pat managed to capture some footage together at The Captains Quarters Studio in Ventura, where parts of the song were also recorded. They then joined Roger at his home studio to film his bass tracking, and finally, they connected with Max to document his performance. This piecemeal approach might have been born out of necessity, but it underscores the band's resilient spirit and unwavering dedication.

"Pieces" is a show of No Motiv's enduring appeal. The song features a soaring, emotive chorus that BrooklynVegan aptly described as undeniable. It encapsulates the personal introspection and raw emotional catharsis that have always been the band's hallmark. The track is both a nostalgic nod to their early days and a fresh step forward, resonating with longtime fans while inviting new listeners into their world.

No Motiv's journey began with two albums on Edge Records, "Cynical" and "Scarred," before they became one of the pioneering acts on the then-nascent Vagrant Records. Their contributions to film soundtracks and compilations like Vagrant's "Five Years on the Streets" helped solidify their reputation. The release of their Vagrant debut, "And the Sadness Prevails," in 1999, followed by extensive touring and subsequent albums, showcased their evolving sound and growing maturity.

Now, with "Pieces," No Motiv continues their legacy, proving that time and distance are no match for their passion and creativity. The band's ability to adapt and persevere is as impressive as their music, ensuring that their return is not just a comeback but a resurgence.

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