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Last Laugh
Label: Suburban Noize
  • 2/5
Reviewed by thebronx
We all love some punk rock music and as for Last Laugh use it as an outlet. Taking their far from fabulous venture as a band and putting it into a record that took nearly 2 years to make. As Last Laugh bring their hearts with them they work to be Americas Anthem for youths who have seen the other side of the tracks.

Using the passing of their dear friend and band crewmember Tim Daley to really break out of their cocoons and really think about what they were writing down on paper. Daley is really the inspiration of their new album and one of the mottos they seem to live by to this day. No matter how bad things may seem, they (and you) will have the Last Laugh.

This album starts right off with track one "Dutch Oven" which in returns flutters your ears with monotones of grunge rock riffs then taking you for a fast pace journey into what is the rest of the album; being only instrumental. "In your eyes, there's perspective, in your eyes there's one objective, and I'm glad you express your opinions" Are the first lyrics to track two "No Regrets" this to most really show that Last Laugh really have meaning behind what their writing and want people to see that and we do. To me the best track on this album is the last track, track twelve entitled "Gone..." being one of the slowest song on this record I am a sucker for tracks that this much heart in them. Being what I feel to be the tribute song to Tim Daley is really something great, which is what makes this album so good.

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