Album Review
Hed (PE)
Label: Suburban Noize
  • 2/5
Reviewed by thebronx
Hed (Pe) really came into this album with all their heart and all their thoughts in their music. Considering Hed PE have went through a lot and even coming back from the dead. Their genre cannot be described in one word or one genre. You have to listen to the whole album and judge that for yourself. Their not rock, cause there too rap; their not rap cause their to punk rock; their not punk rock cause their to old school so take your pick.

Song one reminds me of something out of a modern day version of an old war movie with their tone and beat and lyrics, which is always great but song 2 will blow your mind with lead singer Jared Gomez (a.k.a. M.C.U.D) starting off with a gut wrenching scream and go into a fast beat semi rap song then BAM right back into full fledged anti song resides with the rest of the album being pretty much the same. My personal favorite track on this album really comes to be track 5 (Get Ready), a rock fan at heart but always willing to take on a rap track that floats this track his just enough rap in it with the rest of it just pure flat out screams and bellows from M.C.U.D.

Lots of bands have tried to infuse rock and rap into their music but only a couple can pull it out and actually make an impact like Hed PE have. Their unique style of song makes them one of the stand out bands really making a flare in new age music with their last album Blackout as a title track Blackout really gave them video play in the US and catching my eye. So give them a listen and I am sure you will be hooked.

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