Norway’s Korrupt Bring Humor and The Metal on New Epic ‘Secret Sorrows’ Korrupt
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Hailing from the heavy metal capital of the world, Norway’s Korrupt definitely will not disappoint metal fans!

Korrupt have something anthemic and huge about their sound. The first piece of track 1 of their new album 'Secret Sorrows' starts like they are about to launch into an Iron Maiden track. Considered "blackened hardcore" it has traditional hardcore vocals over melodic heavy metal in the vein of Turbonegro, Comeback Kid, Kvelertak, and vocalist Marius' previous band Social Suicide. This marks Korrupt’s 2nd album, which dropped earlier this month and this is what the band had to say about the new records feel and inspiration:

“Armed with dad jokes and words of wisdom, the south coast punk rockers are wishing you a warm welcome to the garbage dump known otherwise as planet Earth. Korrupt are giving the middle finger to fucked up industries whether they produce war or pigs. The lyrics are a call to arms against organized religion, echo chambers, and cultural imperialism.”

The band hails from basically the capital of the world for Heavy Metal, Norway. Their love for the genre shines through on every track. Tracks like “Hail Seitan” have humor but are played well and the vocals have melody to them which is missing from a lot of metal these days. The strong vocals give the band a leg up on their competition. There is a certain punkiness to every track as well which helps the band to come off as anything but typical. On tracks like “Keyboard Warrior” the band musically almost has a My Chemical Romance feel, but of course with humor injected. Every track has a unique feel and unlike other metal albums it doesn’t feel like a slog to get through all 12 tracks. It’s fun all the way through and musically there is enough variety rhythmically  and melodically in every track to keep the most avid metal fans engaged the whole way through. At moments it's everything from Rise Against to Dragonforce and every kind of heavy punk and metal band in between. Personal favorites include the punkier “Birth Of Tragedy” & “Serpents II” as well as  the rock n roll vibe of “Break All The Rules”.  Right up to the last track “Dirty White” there is just great track after great track and no filler. So get those fists pumping for 'Secret Sorrows'!

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