Oakland Ca.‘s The Goods’ Debut EP: A Timeless Power Pop Triumph The Goods
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

The Goods’ deliver irresistible melodies, powerful hooks, and genuine songwriting that evokes nostalgia while exuding a fresh, modern energy.

Oakland's finest, The Goods, have unveiled their debut self-titled EP on Dandy Boy Records, a sonic journey that masterfully combines big guitars, huge hooks, and sweet British Invasion-style harmonies.Self-produced in their Oakland studio, the trio's musical prowess draws inspiration from decades of hooky punk and power pop, resulting in a fresh and playful energy that captivates from start to finish. 

Front and center is the lead single and video, "David Jones Is Dead," a brilliant single that shows off The Goods' diverse songwriting influences, ranging from Redd Kross and Young Guv to Tom Petty, Matthew Sweet, The Jam, Green Day, and Cheap Trick. The track's concise brilliance leaves no room for filler, delivering an emotional punch that celebrates the music of rock and roll icons while igniting cherished memories.

The Goods' music avoids retro-revivalism, embracing an earnest and unironic approach that strikes a perfect balance between sugary sweetness and gritty muscle. The band's unique charm lies in their ability to channel the timeless essence of power pop, devoid of contrivances or pretentious posturing. Instead, they infuse their sound with organic authenticity rooted in their punk rock background and love for legendary bands like Green Day and the Descendents. 

Lead singer-songwriter Rob Good, a seasoned figure in the Oakland underground, shines brightly in this record, showcasing his knack for clever songwriting and melodies to match. Joined by the dynamic rhythm section of drummer Paul Wiseman and skilled session bassist Cherron Arens, The Goods' chemistry is palpable throughout the EP.

Recorded at Sounds Good Studios in East Oakland and co-produced by Bobby Martinez, this EP is a labor of love that reflects the band's genuine passion for their craft. Mixed and mastered by the talented Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden, the attention to detail shines through in each track.

Personally, The Goods' debut EP has been an absolute joy to experience. The irresistible melodies, powerful hooks, and genuine songwriting evoke a sense of nostalgia while exuding  modern sensibilities. It's a celebration of power pop that stays true to its roots yet carves a path of its own, making it an album I'll keep on repeat. The Goods' debut EP is timeless,  showcasing their musical prowess and creative brilliance. Clocking in at just the right length, this power pop gem promises to leave a lasting impression on listeners, solidifying The Goods' place in the contemporary music scene.

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