Album Review
Label: Suburban Noize
  • 5/5
Reviewed by Jaime Brown
First off, if you don't know who D.I is, you're a fucking dick. Come on, D.I. is one the of the bands that started all this shit for us here in So. Cal.

There, I got that out of the way.

After all, this review isn't a punk rock history lesson; this is about the new CD "On the Western Front" which is fucking spectacular.

D.I. does what few bands from that generation of punk rock are able to do, they are able to produce fast-paced hardcore punk rock without losing that 80's style OC sensibility. The title track on the CD is one of those songs that if you hear in your car, you'll start jumping around a bit, wishing that you had heard it at a show instead.

Go buy this CD people....

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