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Toasters, The
Label: Stomp Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by STAFF
The longest running ska band in North America are back in full force with their latest release on Stomp Records. Led by Rob "Bucket" Hingley who formed the band in 1982, The Toasters 2-tone inspired sound rings true from the opening track "What a Gwan" to an upbeat rendition of "When Will I be Loved". The title track, "One More Bullet" and the instrumental "Step Up" are infectious jump around songs sure to please in a live setting.

Track List:

01. What a Gwan

02. Night Train to Moscow

03. Where's the Freedom?

04. Life in a Bubble

05. Run Rudy Run Redux

06. You're Gonna Pay

07. Bits and Pieces

08. When Will I Be Loved?

09. One More Bullet

10. Step Up

11. El Chopo

12. Blues Bros. Outro

For newcomers to the ska revolution, The Toasters are the real deal. Their purity and passion for roots music have made them consummate outsiders as they've turned down major record deals to go their own way. However, with musical tenacity, a devoted ska nation and mentors like Joe Jackson producing several album sessions, The Toasters aren't left wanting mega success and have been branded by some as the "Miles Davis of Ska" and the "Ramones of Ska" - both pure legends and the real deal in their own right.

Experience The Toasters kick out the jams this summer on the Vans Warped Tour.

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