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Label: Think Fast! Records
  • 3/5
Reviewed by STAFF

This is hardcore distilled and executed with fine workmanship by Jay Aust - vocals/guitar/bass, Jeffrey Aust - guitar/bass, and John Ross - drums. (Also Greg Thomas, who recorded the bass tracks on "In Between").

The songs speak of longing, regret, loss, questioning of purpose -- themes especially relevant to Ambitions' target/core audience ヨ young whippersnappers.

But after sitting on this disc for six months (which in hardcore is like a lifetime), this geezer punk chick found myself singing along to the song "Neon Lights" without even knowing the words (except that I read them once). And as someone who is burned-out on most anthemic music, the quality of this disc frankly surprised and inspired me. I would love to see these guys live, because I bet it is a blast of raw energy, and wonder if they are still going strong.

With the insightful, intelligent lyrics, I kept thinking of some mid-'80s (Revolution Summer) D.C. bands ヨ especially Gray Matter for some reason, whom I dug at that time.

Then I read the Ambitions' promo sheet and it mentioned another D.C. band, Dag Nasty, and I was hit between the eyes with that influence as well.

Though I have heard these sounds before, Ambitions puts their own twist on the game. Their songs reverberated after the disc was done.

"Question" includes these songs: "Uphill Battle", "Neon Lights", "In Between", "Question", "About Face", "Still Dreaming", "Playing Dead".

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