Album Review
At The Drive-In
Label: Grand Royal
Reviewed by Stephen Rafael
So where have you been? Not only are the next (Elvis, Beatles, Nirvana) named At The Drive-In, but they will turn their hometown of El Paso into the next (Memphis, Liverpool, Seattle). Can you smell the (anticipation, pressure, hype)? At The Drive-In are out to conquer the airwaves with their major label debut, Relationship Of Command. To help them, the band enlisted the best production help money can buy -- Ross (Korn/Limp Bizkit) Robinson and Andy (Aerosmith/Jeff Buckley) Wallace. And despite what you are thinking, do not even dare whisper the words "sell out" anywhere near Relationship Of Command. At The Drive-In's first prime time release is only slightly more conventional than their earlier recordings. Charismatic, well-read frontman Cedric Bixler still uses plenty of ten-dollar lyrics, and challenging, complex songs still carry abstract titles like "Arcarsenal," "Mannequin Republic," and "Non-Zero Possibility." And Iggy Pop, himself, even makes a guest appearance on "Rolodex Propaganda." With Relationship Of Command, At The Drive-In have definitely arrived. I only hope that you are ready...

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