San Diego’s City Windows’ ‘Velvet Divorce’: An Intense and Captivating Musical Journey City Windows
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

City Windows’ sophomore release, ‘Velvet Divorce,’ showcases the band’s remarkable growth through intense and captivating punk rock, blending classic and contemporary influences while exploring themes of politics, love, and self-discovery.

City Windows, punk rock band from San Diego, blends diverse musical backgrounds into an exhilarating sound. Their sophomore release, "Velvet Divorce," showcases the band's remarkable growth since their debut album, "Oxbow." This seasoned four-piece rock band from San Diego has crafted eight new tracks that push their musical exploration which seemlessly blends punk and hardcore. They self-released the album on their own label, 'Midwest Migration Records.'

Lead vocalist Lyle Pavuk brings a visceral intensity, with his impassioned voice and scorching guitar rhythms forming a robust foundation. Sean Sullivan's thunderous bass intertwines seamlessly with the melodies. Ryan Steele's gruffer vocals and lead guitar work are complemented by Aaron Weislogel's powerhouse drumming.

"Velvet Divorce" blends classic and contemporary influences, drawing from punk rock and hardcore.  Anthemic choruses in the vein of everything from Propagandi to Minor Threat invite listeners to sing along, while introspective cuts provide a contemplative journey. The album explores politics, big pharma, love, loss, and self-discovery, delivering a cathartic experience.

Since their 2018 formation, City Windows has earned a reputation for energetic performances but not only that, they are a band with substance behind their lyrics. Their first single, "The Price to Pay," addresses the lack of accountability and corruption within the US government. City Windows calls for collective action and emphasizes the power of unity. The song rallies people to elect responsive leaders and redesign institutions to reflect the people's will.

Here's a direct quote from the band about the track: "It is no secret that the United States government is not beholden to the people. Our leaders are unresponsive to our will and our needs. This lack of accountability coupled with the anti-democratic design of our governmental institutions leads to the enactment of policy that will positively impact the wealthy and the influential minority now, while leading to catastrophic negative consequences for the rest of us in the not-so-distant future. "The Price to Pay" was written not only to illustrate and condemn the corruption and anti-democratic nature of our government and the plutocrats that hold the bulk of influence, but to also serve as a call to action that we the people are stronger in numbers and that we can organize and elect better leaders who are responsive to our needs and who are willing to redesign our institutions to be more democratic and reflect the true will of the people."

Pre-order "Velvet Divorce" and stream "The Price to Pay" now.  Catch them live on August 25th at the Kensington Club in San Diego, CA, with Decent Criminal and Ricky.


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