San Francisco’s Tess & The Details Ignite Punk Revolution with ‘Runaway’ Album Debut Tess & The Details
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

San Francisco punk ensemble Tess & The Details unleash their rebellious spirit in the anthemic “Runaway” album, a sonic journey that blends raw, self-assured vocals with character-driven narratives, earning praise as one of the year’s standout punk debuts.

In the gritty landscape of San Francisco's punk underworld, Tess & The Details emerge as the torchbearers of rebellious sonic fervor with their upcoming album, "Runaway," slated for release on November 14th under the Double Helix Records banner. The album is a visceral journey through the frenetic realms of punk, kicking off with the anthemic war cry, "Blondie's Gonna Die." The buzzsaw guitars serve as a sonic catapult, propelling the listener headfirst into the chaotic universe inhabited by Tess and her Details.

Frontwoman Tess, armed with a self-assured forcefulness, delivers raw, unapologetic lyrics that cut through the air of anti-establishment. "When they told me I was crazy / I should've listened / I could have just laid down / Oh, the white coats are a comin’ / in straight jackets they’ll be running / all through this damn ghost town…" The rebellion doesn't stop there; it continues with tracks like "Canary" and the eponymous "Runaway," a rousing anthem that echoes the spirits of punk luminaries like Green Day and No Doubt. Tess's powerful voice takes center stage, leading the charge with a chant that reverberates through the core.

Tess sheds light on the album's character-driven narratives, explaining, "There are a lot of character-driven songs where we took some of our experiences and filtered them through characters, like ‘Saint of Purgatory’ and ‘Johnny.’ We wanted to tell stories that could feel familiar to everyone but through a witty and dark lyrical lens." This thematic complexity is exemplified in tracks like "Mania," where the band delves into the catchy and melodically light portrayal of mental torture, encapsulating the contradictions that define the human experience.

The bands newest effort has been hailed as a mix of punk styles with Tess Stevens' vocals offering punk rock perfection. The album, really is as good as modern punk rock gets, seamlessly weaving together influences from decades past, creating a debut that stands as one of the punk highlights of the year. The Details provide the muscle, propelling Tess & The Details into the echelons of punk greatness with an album that challenges conventions and ignites the rebellious spirit within.