Album Review
Put-Ons, The|Deadbeat Sinatra
Label: Basement Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by HeavenlyDevil

Punk Rock Snaps, Crackles and Pops

Splits and compilations are always my favourite kinds of albums. I think it's the mixing of sounds that even two bands labled, 'punk' can have. And the coolest new split to slide into my cd player is "Seven and Seven," a mixing of the Put-Ons and Deadbeat Sinatra.

The Put-Ons lead the album with seven foot-tapping ditties reminiscent of the poppy punk of the 70's, but with all the originality and spunk of a new generation. With almost three years as a band under their belt, the Put-Ons are not the typical hardcore punk band that Orange County is famous for. They have a cleaner, upbeat feel.

In the last seven tracks on this split, the happy-poppy feeling fades into a more aggressive, Agent Orange meets X kind of feel as Deadbeat Sinatra takes control. In their seven songs, the Los Angeles based band changes style, but never intensity. You experience straightforward and heavy punk rock of "Baby Doll" followed shortly after by the go-go backbeat of "Do the Monster."

Both bands pay tribute to influences, the Put-Ons covering Billy Idol's, "From the Heart" and Deadbeat Sinatra rockin' out to "Chinese Rock" by the Ramones.

The Put-Ons and Deadbeat Sinatra are a refreshing change from the pointless, style-less bubble punk coming from the commercial corner. One shot on some major radio station, and these bands would blow all the rest right off the airwaves.

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