Album Review
Stitches, The
Label: TKO Records
  • 3/5
Reviewed by Andre Lozoya
Punk at its snottiest and brash. So what if the singer can't sing, he looks great! Looking great is important these days. Here you have L.A.'s The Stitches. Looking good and sounding bad ass. This short album will surely irritate all but the most die hard punks. Short and Sweet.

You will love the singer's, Mike, in-your-face rants. This is backed up by the more than able guitar swings of Johnny and the slurring bass of Pete. Pete, by the way,"Do you have a drug problem?" I swear this guy looks like some drugged out German tourist at Disneyland. Eye's bulging with sweat pouring down his mug all the while slandering bass lines, no prob.

Buy this and more importantly GO TO A SHOW, you couch slouching slug. Maybe this CD will awaken all that died in you at the end of your 20's.

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