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Man Raze
  • 2/5
Reviewed by Waxy Buildup
So I'm listening to this record thinking, OK this band has Paul Cook of Sex Pistols fame and Phil Collen from Def Leppard. The question is does it make it worth the listen?

These guys have been around the block more than a few times, but again does it make for a good record? In this case, not really and that is the surreal part.

After a few listens which were really difficult, my friends were ready to kill me if I played the record again. I can only say, 3 out 12 is not a good batting average. The first 2 "rock songs" hold promise and then the 3 song, "Running Me Up" a reggae number signals the beginning of the end. The rest of the record is just mediocre mid tempo rock garbage. Sorry, guys but what the hell happened. The first two songs were OK and then, yuck....

I hope that this is the first and last release on VH1 Classic Records, because if this what those dolts at VH1 consider to be classic rock? then I can only hope that "bankruptcy" is the new buzz word around the office. Records like this will not pay the mortgage in any neighborhood.

Just a final note, it's great that old guys can still "rock" but there is no shame in regular day jobs if you get my drift.

Waxy Buildup

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