Album Review
Capes, The
Label: Hard Soul Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Mike Villano

Hailing from south London, The Capes' first release, the aptly titled Taste, is indeed just that: A marvelous mix of music that bodes well for these youngsters. Spread across the disc's six tracks, the band explores the pop landscape of the past 40 years with a wisdom far beyond their years.


The opener, "Francophile" is a bit misleading as to the band's overall sound. Starting off with hard-ass power chords, the track leads into a grinding riff, and the overall effect is a bit heavier than the rest of the disc. The real gems on Taste begin with the next song, "Tightly Wound," which starts off with the familiar neo-'80s sound of Franz Ferdinand, but quickly rebounds with a thrilling chorus that is guaranteed to get the most jaded of geezers out of their wheelchairs and onto the dance floor.


Being an old geezer myself, I fell heavy for "Regional Heart," which, to these near deaf ears, sounds like a great lost Kinks song from say, the Sleepwalker era, with punky chords shuffling throughout. The harmonies on the chorus are to die for, and it's not out of the question to say that this is may be the standout track on an excellent CD.


A full-length, Hello, is also out with two songs replicated, but Taste is not a bad place to start. A promising beginning to what may become one of the standout bands of the latter '00s.

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