The Great Lie Unleashes “Vertigo”: A Ferocious Symphony of Unapologetic Hardcore Power The Great Lie
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

The Great Lie, a formidable hardcore punk outfit featuring former members of notable bands, unleashes their highly anticipated EP “Vertigo,” offering relentless raw energy and unfiltered expression that challenges societal norms and leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of punk rock enthusiasts worldwide.

In the cauldron of Long Island's hardcore punk scene, a tempest is brewing, and its name is The Great Lie. Drawing from a pool of musical talent that includes former members of Madball, Mind Over Matter, Silent Majority, and Neglect, this relentless outfit is set to redefine the boundaries of intensity with their highly anticipated EP, "Vertigo." Brace yourself for an unyielding assault of raw energy and unapologetic fury that will leave even the most seasoned punk rock enthusiasts breathless.

Fronted by the magnetic and fierce Kerry Merkle, whose vocal prowess knows no bounds, The Great Lie unveils a sonic onslaught that transcends the limitations of the genre. With John LaFata's thunderous drums, Scott Martin's relentless basslines, and Mike Scarola's searing guitar work complementing Merkle's vocals, the band manifests an unwavering force that demands attention.

"Vertigo" serves as a six-track opus, delving deep into the dark abyss of the human psyche, offering an unfiltered reflection of the tumultuous nature of existence. From the blistering opening salvo of "Everything Ends" to the defiant anthem "Vietcong," the EP's unflinching honesty confronts listeners head-on, challenging them to embrace chaos and shatter societal norms. In tracks like "Tactful Choices" and "Look into the Sky," The Great Lie paints vivid soundscapes of rebellion against the uncontrollable forces that shape our lives, while "Southern Drawl" delves into the weight of personal struggles, leaving an indelible emotional mark.

Embodying the true spirit of hardcore punk, The Great Lie's music is a seamless blend of unapologetic aggression and thought-provoking lyricism, defying conventions and carving a path of their own. With "Vertigo" now available on all major streaming platforms, listeners can immerse themselves in the unrelenting power of the band's unparalleled intensity.

For those seeking an even more immersive experience, Lemmis Records offers "Vertigo" in its purest form: translucent blood red vinyl, poised to hit the shelves on September 24, 2023 providing die-hard punk aficionados the chance to claim this potent collection of tracks in all its analog glory, which is available for pre-order now!

In the grand tradition of hardcore luminaries, The Great Lie pays homage to the influence of Madball, a cornerstone of the New York hardcore scene. However, make no mistake, The Great Lie stands on its own, with an alchemical blend of talent, experience, and unbridled intensity that promises to ignite the hearts of punk rock enthusiasts worldwide.

"Vertigo" is more than just an EP; it is a manifesto of resilience, a battle cry against conformity, and an affirmation of the power of raw, unadulterated punk expression. The release date looms large on the calendar – be prepared to be swept away by The Great Lie's ferocious symphony of unapologetic hardcore power.

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