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Ducky Boys, The
Label: Sailors Grave Records
Reviewed by thebronx
Take Mark Lind, a great soloist in his own right and put him with a bass, and two others and what do you get? A row of sitting ducks as Boston's punk rock scene adds another band to is list of rebels. With a great attribute though, The Ducky Boys have been doing what they do best for nearly TEN years and still do it as strong as they always have.

So now that you know the back ground of The Ducky boys, I am sure you have seen them on the 'Epitaph: Give Em The Boot Volume 1V', or maybe on their FUSE ads or maybe you just happen to stray away from the media and seek out punk rock on your own. If that's the case, then so now you've found The Ducky Boys. Good, keep them cause they are definitely not going anywhere with the steam their picking up and the tour their going to do to support this album.

Definitely the kind of punk rock that I really enjoy, smooth vocals, straight forward riffs and a slapping drum that keeps you just listening and throwing your fist up. Mark Lind keeps up a great display of music in this album, by that I mean you take a great singer and just add a side order of great guitarist and drums and they will not disappoint you. This is Boston's punk rock scene and a great one at that, so give it a chance and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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