This past Saturday Burger Record's Together Pangea kicked off their winter tour at The Echo in Los Angeles with guests Zig Zags and The Garden. The night was filled with moshing, crowd surfing, and teenagers loudly singing along. Zig Zags got the night started and thanked the crowd (who were their first all ages show) for being there. Their songs were loud, fast, and perfect for instigating moshpits. The Garden seemed to have a a bigger following, and unveiled some surprise new songs that got the crowd more riled up. They played some of everyone's favorites which included I'm A Woman, The Apple, The Gorilla, and 8 Foot Tall Man. Together Pangea had the most energetic crowd of the night. With groups of smiling, sweating teens stage diving and singing along. Some of the songs of the night included No feelin', Offer, and River. There was even an unexpected cover of Nirvana's "Breed". The night ended with Danny Bengston smashing his bass and the crowd screaming for more. You can catch the band live as they tour across North America.



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