Totally Slow Unveils Gritty Single ‘Pistol Whip’ with Man or Astroman’s Sam Paulsen, Teasing Raw Power of Upcoming Album Totally Slow
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

North Carolina’s Totally Slow unleashes their latest single “Pistol Whip,” featuring Sam Paulsen of Man or Astroman, offering a glimpse into their forthcoming album ‘The Darkness Intercepts,’ showcasing razor-sharp punk with a potent blend of personal and political themes.

North Carolina's Totally Slow is set to unleash their latest single "Pistol Whip," featuring backing vocals by the esteemed Sam Paulsen of Man or Astroman and We Vs Shark fame. This gritty anthem is just a taste of what's to come from their forthcoming album, 'The Darkness Intercepts,' slated for release on March 22.

With a sound that slices through the air like a razor, Totally Slow delivers no-frills punk music with a fierce edge. Their lyrics seethe with anger, reflecting the turbulent political climate of our times, intertwining the personal with the political in a powerful sonic narrative.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of influences, Totally Slow seamlessly blends the melodic anthems of 1980s SoCal punk bands like The Adolescents and Agent Orange with the raw energy of '90s San Diego groups such as Drive Like Jehu. They infuse their music with the same unyielding conviction as classic DC hardcore acts like Dag Nasty and Fugazi, creating a sonic tapestry that is both familiar and refreshingly original.

The addition of Eddie Sanchez on bass completes the lineup, joining founding members Scott Hicks, Andy Foster, and Chuck Johnson. Together, they craft a sound that is as relentless as it is infectious, drawing listeners into a world of controlled chaos and unapologetic rebellion.

In "Pistol Whip," the band takes a moment to breathe, slowing down the tempo while maintaining their signature intensity. Scott Hicks reflects on the track, noting its role as both a sonic and emotional break within the album. Sam Paulsen's guest vocals add an extra layer of depth, enriching the song with her unmistakable energy and talent.

Recorded at The Sandwich Shoppe with Scotty Sandwich, 'The Darkness Intercepts' promises to be a sonic journey unlike any other. Featuring collaborations with artists like Noelle from Shehehe, this album is a testament to Totally Slow's commitment to their musical community and the DIY ethos that drives them forward.

As the release date approaches, fans can catch Totally Slow live on tour, including a special LP release party in Greensboro, NC. With their unapologetic punk spirit and undeniable talent, Totally Slow continues to cement their place as one of the most exciting bands on the scene today.

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