Album Review
Uncle Fucker
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Larry Lugz esq.



Can a country album really be the best punk album of the year? What about best damn rock album of the year? It sure as hell can be. Uncle Fucker takes the down home boss tunage of The Country Bear Jamboree and fuses it with the power Motorhead. What also comes to mind is the power-twang and melody of The Charlie Daniels Band and the ultra-aggressive onslaught of Slayer. Worlds collide as Uncle Fucker slays you with over the top fiddle action (in country standards like "Rocky Top", "Y'all Come" and "Man of Constant Sorrow") that can only be compared to Yngvie Malmsteen, but in a country sorta way. True to classic country form and high-octane as anything Zeke can pull off in the rawk-punk genre, this is indeed the best damn release in the history of country and rock. A classic take on a classic genre. Makes me want to drink a Lone Star, kiss my dog, shoot my gal-friend and drive my truck to the local honkey-tonk. If only Hee-Haw were this great in the '70s.

-Larry Lugz

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