Album Review
Capture the Flag
Label: Go-Kart Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Larry Lugz esq.
I'm hearing elements of Pegboy here, with a touch of ALL and a smidgen of Dag Nasty. And come to think of it, a little Hot Water Music thrown in for texture. If this sounds at all appealing, that's because it crosses over the genre with reckless abandon to churn out some of the most original music in a long while. Gruff melodic vocals overlapping eclectic and energizing guitar work surrounding a tight knit rhythm section. Not a bad song in the lot and maybe some of the coolest lyrics I've heard in awhile (I've got the information in my head/I read it off your iris'/and with conviction. from"Eye to Eye"). Cutting edge with a somber moody touch makes this inspiring and progressive. A definite plus in my book.

-Larry Lugz

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