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  • 4/5
Reviewed by John B.

Like Dylan in ’63 or Cash in ’57, William Elliott Whitmore in ’09 is just coming into his own. He’s not an outlaw or the voice of a generation but he’s a little of both and a great story teller with a one-of-a-kind voice that bares his soul.

William Elliott Whitmore’s latest release “Animals In The Dark” on Anti- Records shows a big step in the evolution of this artist. With this album Whitmore is branching out both topically and musically. For those who are familiar with Whitmore’s history you’ll find that he is moving past the cathartic process of his last three deeply personal releases on Southern Records into a broader realm.

I won’t compare this record to his last release, “Song Of The Blackbird” because I feel with that record he perfected what he was doing with the Southern Records trilogy.

But with that said, I must say that “Animals In The Dark” is definitely a suitable successor to his 2006 classic release “Song of the Blackbird”. Where “Song of the Blackbird” was the closing album in his Southern Records trilogy this first release on Anti- Records shows Whitmore just getting started on a new journey.

Track Listing:

1. Mutiny
2. Who Stole The Soul
3. Johnny Law
4. Old Devils
5. Hell Or High Water
6. There’s Hope For You
7. Hard Times
8. Lifetime Underground
9. Let The Rain Come In
10. A Good Day To Die

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