Album Review
North Atlantic, The
Label: We Put Out Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by thebronx
Kalamazoo College did give the world one thing, and that is The North Atlantic. Born in 1999 this three-man creation is something to be reckoned with, as they have nothing but their own personal boundaries to stop them. A lot of bands today with only three members reside in a type of generic play on their own riffs and image, but The North Atlantic keep their frivolous style and technique in tact.

Water and oil, water and sex would be the best way to describe this album. One half of this album seems to be the rock, the onion of the album as to say that their pumping up the album in the first part for a reason; because the second half of the album is low tone and melodic. Like lead singer and guitarist Jason Hendrix is telling you a story through the whole album and entertaining himself at the same time.

The songs themselves are really mixed up hard to soft tempo and off and on riffs that really grab your ears and give them a bit of a lick. The album goes into a bipolar soft rock to hardcore punk rock in an instant, which is something that is really unique and seems to be a good style that works for their lyrics. My favorite track on this album is Street Sweepers, which is track seven. The vocals are pretty amazing I am not going to lie because I think this track being my favorite is kind of off considering I have listened to this album at least three times today.

It in general kept me moving through the album yet had a bit of kick to it, some thing that makes the album a five-star record for me. I am guaranteeing you if you like hardcore music, you like blood brothers and you like punk rock you will fall in love with this album almost as fast as I did.

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