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Label: Triple Crown Records
  • 5/5
Reviewed by thebronx
If fast moving spine tingling hardcore is the 'scene' you flow with and your kind of tired of the piss poor effort lots of so called 'hardcore' bands are putting into their albums. Your not along it seems as Long Island hardcore band Anterrabae has taking a grave glimpse at what their counter-parts are putting out and just kind of followed their hearts and took it beyond their expectations.

Hardcore music to me is a tough industry to get into as it seems whether your growling like an idiot through the whole album, or pissing around like a pansy. There really should be a blend of both evils and that's what I feel makes a great hardcore album. Taking the time to blend with your music really well and taking the time to slow your vocals to an almost monotone then WHAM! Right back into a full out disturbing mosh pit beat that makes everyone feel the energy.

Anterrabae have really done what they set out to do and that is to make a hardcore album that seems to surpass lots of others in its genre. Lead singer Ryan takes a great position in his vocals to the music on how they crush right into each other. Starting right out of the opening riffs there is a second where your thinking to yourself and asking 'where is this going to go' and with out a blink Ryan starts show why he is such a great singer. "You don't know where I've been so could you bury it I am a tattered red carped lying in the corner of a room in the empty mansion you're a priceless cedar rocking chair teetering over like a ganglia breeze" being the opening lyrics to this track "Pink & Tender" really kind of hooks you to the album.

This album is filled with fantastic blood pumping beats with a great twist of artistic integrity put into it. With tracks like Albatross around the neck, I lifted her and unscrewed her leg, and the hands of Christ are beautiful hands. Really shocking kind of touching in-depth lyrics and album art I think this album is really something I wont put into a closet and lock away.

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